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Clock tower and hydro power

Palé Hall's clock tower
Palé Hall's tower clock mechanism
Palé Hall's hydro-electric generator
hydro-electric power generator

We make discoveries about Palé Hall’s tower clock mechanism and the original 1920s hydro-electric power generator has been transforming recent heavy rain into energy to heat the house.

December 16th 2015

It’s nice to get feedback. We have heard through the local grapevine that the residents of Llandderfel enjoy seeing Palé Hall illuminated once again, that the two lit outside Christmas trees are visible across the valley, and they also like hearing the clock chimes tolling across the fields.

Palé has a four-faced clock tower. The clock strikes the quarters, the half and on the hour with a cunning device the stops it overnight – thank goodness. We have discovered that this cunning device needs power or the clock chimes all night!

The clock was made in Whitchurch in Shropshire. Whitchurch has the reputation for being the home of tower clocks. There were 45 clock makers registered in Whitchurch between 1698 and 1866. Our clock was made by J.B. Joyce and Co. in 1871. Established in 1690 Joyce claim to be the oldest clock manufacturers in the world. It is such a privilege to own one of their clocks and a big responsibility to maintain it in good repair. At the moment only three of the faces are working, so getting the fourth one operational again is a project for the future.

Part of our electricity is supplied by our hydro-electric generator. The recent wet spell has meant that it is running well. Installed and designed in the 1920s, and still using the original turbine, all our hot water is currently heated from this totally renewable source. Part of our work will include upgrading this original DC system over to AC current. This will allow us to feed surplus power into the grid, and also light and heat Palé for most of the year in an entirely ecologically sound way.

On other fronts, the work on the second floor of Palé continues apace. Patches of colour bedeck the hall walls, trying to get the exact shade of green blue. The Little Green Paint Company won the battle of the match pots on this occasion. The team of builders and decorators that Williams Homes have put together are working to a very high standard, and we are grateful to them for the care and respect that they are showing to Palé.

This week Palé is resplendent in full Christmas regalia, complete with staircase garlands, dressed fireplaces and eight trees. More about this next week.

Finally we’d like to congratulate Pearls Restaurant by Michael Caines at Jumeirah Towers for being voted the World’s Leading Fine Dining Hotel Restaurant. What an amazing achievement for such a new restaurant! Congratulations Michael!!


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