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Wales's new artisan distillery and thoughts about the Churchill martini

Gin, PR and other things

Chris Marshall Snowdonia Distillery gin
Welsh gin Snowdonia Distillery
Palé Hall room refurbishment in progress

Spring sees the daffodils emerge at Palé Hall, and we are visited by a representative from Wales’s new start-up artisan distillery with their very first bottle of Snowdonia gin.

March 24th 2016

Last week’s blog had an amazing following. Such is the pull of Michael Caines that Raymond Blanc ‘liked’ our tweet – result!

Also last week, Chris Marshall from the Snowdonia Distillery visited us as part of their road trip. It’s really good to make contact with potential suppliers, and when they combine a great product with being a genuinely local supplier it gets better and better. We certainly wish them every success and look forward to making an ice cold ‘Winston Churchill martini’ with their gin. Winston Churchill stayed at Palé Hall when he attended the Duke of Westminster’s shooting parties. He is famously attributed as saying that, ‘the closest vermouth should get to a martini is looking at it from the other side of the room.’ We couldn’t agree more. Alan makes a lethal martini, of which, we think, Winston would approve.

Two weeks ago we were up in London interviewing PR firms. It’s not something you ever become familiar with as a teacher, so it was a new experience and a new world for me, although not for Alan or Michael. We have appointed Sauce Communications to lead us through marketing the hotel. Those wheels will begin turning very soon.

Upstairs, the top floor is very nearly finished. Most of the carpets are down and the curtains and blinds arrive this weekend. Once they are up we will be able to begin adding those little details that will turn a hotel room into a beautiful, comfortable and welcoming space. Once that is done we will begin the photography for the website.

Easter is nearly upon us and it is heralded by drifts of naturalised daffodils running down from the primroses in the woods and gambolling lambs. We always have an Easter ‘tree’ and an Easter egg hunt; it’s a tradition that we will continue for our Easter weekend guests once we are open.

It only remains for us to wish you a happy Easter weekend from all of us here at Palé Hall.


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