If you can't stand the heat...

The warmth of high summer, solar power innovations, and being let down.

If you can’t stand the heat

The chef team at Palé Hall
Chef team at Palé Hall
Yorkshire pudding

Our brilliant, resourceful kitchen team deliver service despite setbacks. And a career opportunity for a Senior Sous Chef remains open…

July 25th 2019

How lovely it is for Wales to bask in the heat; the right amount of heat, mid-20s is perfect. So, while much of the UK is having a searing heatwave, we are having a perfect summer’s day. It even did the right thing a couple of nights ago, it rained at night and was gorgeous in the morning.

Alan has been away for a couple of days on business. Most of you know of his involvement in Vodafone, although that was over a decade ago. Today he is in Cambridge with a company he has been chair of almost from its beginning. It’s a solar power company with a difference. Azuri grew from research in Cambridge into making very efficient small solar panels. The panels are leased as packs in Sub-Saharan Africa where much of the population is off-grid and rely on diesel generators. These packs consist of lighting, phone chargers and can include a television or computer. They work out cheaper than diesel and are considerably safer. We have a friend up here in Wales who also lives totally off-grid. Alan gave him a pack to trial, to see just how much power a dark winter in Wales can generate. Actually, enough for several hour of lighting. Our friend can now read when he goes to bed, something he hadn’t dared risk with a paraffin lamp for years and years. At this time of year, even here in Wales, a small A3 panel can generate hours of light and keep your phone charged.

Our new staff are fitting in wonderfully at Palé and it already feels like they have been here always. It feels so good when a plan comes together. It feels a lot less good when someone lets you down. Yesterday we were due to have a new chef start. He was to go in at a fairly senior level. We have set rotas, allowed holidays and planned accordingly. He let us know yesterday morning that he wasn’t coming. It actually beggars belief that someone could behave in such a way. Safe to say, he will never work at Palé. There is always a silver lining. Yesterday our chefs pulled together as a brilliant team, nailing service despite being a chef down. We will continue our search, so anyone who is interested in a Senior Sous Chef position with our young and ambitious team please let us know: contact Gareth Stevenson (headchef@palehall.co.uk)

Just a reminder that we offer fine-dining Sunday lunch. We think it’s great value at £32 for three courses. Alan, dad and I are thoroughly enjoying our Sunday family time sat in our restaurant with a perfect roast, cooked by someone else and more importantly washed up by someone else.

So, give Sunday shopping a miss, it’s too hot anyway, and come and join us for Sunday lunch, enjoy a glass of something cool while you wait, and let us do the washing up.

Booking essential. 01678 530285 or enquiries@palehall.co.uk

Here is our current menu:

Sunday Lunch


Chicken liver parfait
citrus, chicory, candied walnut

Grilled mackerel
cucumber, yuzu, horseradish snow

Marinated Isle of Wight tomato
basil, mozzarella, tomato jam


Roast rump of Welsh black beef
Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, beef jus

Roast pork loin
Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, pork sauce

Roast cod
courgette and chilli salad, baba ganoush

Garden herb gnocchi
spring vegetables, chive butter sauce


Bergamot and strawberry tart
vanilla ice cream

Crème brûlée
shortbread, rhubarb sorbet

Vanilla panna cotta
poached peach, peach sorbet

Have a wonderful weekend.


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