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Re-imagining our use of Palé Hall's main rooms

More plans

Palé Hall drawing room
Palé Hall Venice room
Palé Hall Churchill room

We’ve been re-thinking our approach to Palé’s main spaces, aiming to add a bar and trial a new drawing room.

June 27th 2019

Imagine this.

From Spring 2020, the Drawing Room becomes a dining room, the Venetian becomes an art deco bar, the Grand Hall becomes a cosy sitting room and Churchill becomes a residents’ drawing room.

There is method in our madness.

So, the Drawing Room will serve afternoon tea and dinner while the Robertson Room will serve lunch and dinner. Both rooms are light and airy with wonderful garden views. The Venetian Room will become a bar with casual and dog-friendly dining. We have asked local cabinet maker Celfiderw to design a bar for us made to fit the space. We think the glamour of art deco will suit Palé well and already have some beautiful Epstein chairs to use as inspiration.

With dining and drinking sorted we have needed to look at the comfortable lounge areas. We don’t want to rush our guests on a busy evening and we also want our resident guests to have a quiet relaxing area just for their use. We have found some beautiful large comfortable chairs for the Grand Hall which will be cleared of the existing furniture. Think rich rugs, open fires, warm colours and wood panelling. Slight tweaks to the furniture in the Seasons Room and the Library will ease their usage but in their essentials they will remain the same.

The change to Churchill is a bit controversial amongst the team here. Our management team don’t want to lose a revenue generating room, which is a fair point, but the owning team feel that a residents’ drawing room is very in keeping with Palé. A compromise has been reached – we will trial it for 6 months. If Churchill is used by our guests, we will keep it as a drawing room. Alan and I stayed at Abbaye de la Bussiere last summer; it has wonderful upstairs drawing rooms – they work beautifully. Churchill is a stunning space with two fireplaces and is nearly as large as the current drawing room. We would move the furniture in the drawing room upstairs to make a tranquil quiet space. If it remains unused, we will revert it to a bedroom. With the outside developments for extra rooms our jigsaw has all its pieces in place.

Lastly, only a week ago we were privileged to have a Celebration Pyrotechnic display. Steve Pooley took some drone footage of the display and has kindly agreed for us to share it with you – click on the image below or follow the link. Thank you Steve.

Have a great weekend.



To view the video click on the image above or click here.

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