New Beginnings

Food tasting, new menus & a fresh look for our dining rooms

New Beginnings

Welsh black beef sirloin
Roast scallops
Roasted cod
Apricot dessert
Palé Hall dining room

Exquisite new dishes now grace our refreshed menus. Plus a fresh look for the dining rooms and more environmentally responsible toiletries.

July 12th 2019

It’s menu change week and it’s when I have the best job in the world. Nothing gets on the menu without Alan or I tasting it and approving it.

Gareth takes this very seriously and is understandably nervous when presenting the new dishes. He and his team spend weeks refining, blending and crafting and we sit in judgement of the results. Now it should be understood that this is a smoother process that you might imagine. Neither Alan nor I set out to be disappointed, and almost without exception there is little to say other than to praise, but we do suggest tweaks and even occasionally a totally fresh look at a dish. As our relationship has built and strengthened Gareth has developed a respect for our views as part of a dialogue which is robust but friendly; it has to be said he doesn’t always agree with us, but we have never fallen out over a dish.

To coincide with the new menus we have a new look. At last our new-look table skirts and chair covers have arrived, made by Simon Boyd of Chester; they are certainly worth the wait. I never liked the old red chairs as, while comfortable, they looked old fashioned rather than classic. The result is lighter, fresher and high quality. The dining rooms feel lifted, with a slightly more contemporary feel whilst fitting in with Palé’s Victorian grandeur. My rule when buying something new is simple, it has to be something I would choose for our home – the rule has been applied and we are delighted. I am excited to see it lit tonight for the very first time. Every member of staff that has walked in has been wowed.

There is one further new change to mention. We have changed our toiletries. We have long been searching for local products that meet our exacting standards of quality and sustainability. We are delighted to announce a new partnership with family-run Cole & Co, based in Beaumaris. They have worked with us to design a beautiful organic range of soaps, shampoos and lotions. We have moved over to glass bottles and we hope our guests will aid us in our quest to be as ecologically sound as possible by leaving the bottles behind so that we can sterilise and reuse them, and by being very careful with glass in the shower!

Have a wonderful weekend


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