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The Sun Shineth

Afternoon tea at Palé Hall Hotel.
Afternoon tea at Palé Hall Hotel.
Afternoon tea at Palé Hall Hotel.
Palé Hall pastry chef Adam Cleal.

Afternoon tea at Palé Hall Hotel really is a rather special experience.

April 20th 2018

What a beautiful week it has been in North Wales. We have been bathed in sunshine and warmth, the daffodils are out, the frogspawn has turned into wigglers, Guinness is wandering from place to place curling up in the sunshine, enjoying the warmth on her old bones, and actually, these old bones are enjoying it too.

Palé is a sight to behold in any weather; she takes on a glowing halo in the fog, welcoming warm light calls you home when it’s blowing a hooley and snow offers a stunning wonderland. The sun brings its own special quality to Palé, her honeyed stone positively glows, the drifts of daffodils wave back and as the trees burst into life the light is filtered through a soft green haze.

Last week I made mention of a new photoshoot. I would like to share some of the new images and will start with afternoon tea. Since his return to us Adam has revamped the cake offering, and this now includes exquisite petit gateaux, all made here at Palé by Adam himself. Imagine if you will being shown into the drawing room to find a table set for you with beautiful antique bone china, crisp white napkins, a silver coffee or tea pot, all in the finest surroundings. Choose your tea, perhaps add a glass of champagne… and then it arrives! Your cake stand with delicate finger sandwiches, freshly cooked scones with cream and jam and then the crème de la crème, tempting delicate jewels of cakes. It’s a ceremony steeped in tradition, served in true Palé style, friendly, timeless, attentive, unstuffy and beautiful.

We are planning an extra special afternoon tea to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding. Arrive to a glass of champagne. Join us in a live screening of wedding coverage followed by afternoon tea to celebrate the royal couple’s nuptials – it’s £30 per head. So, do book to join us on the 19th of May, remembering that Queen Victoria herself had tea here at Palé, although I am certain that it wouldn’t have been as good as the one we now serve.

For now, I think I should let our new afternoon tea images speak for themselves.

Enjoy the sunshine.


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