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Smartphone Trip Advisor reviews Palé Hall

Social media enables the hospitality trade to learn from our most important critics – our customers.

September 22nd 2017

It’s not always plain sailing.

We have had an incredibly busy and very successful summer, that’s good, in fact it’s fantastic. It means jobs are secure and Palé is beginning to be known, our reviews are largely very good to excellent and next week we have another very special award to pick up. Watch this space!

Everyone at Palé cares very deeply about what they do. Time and time again they are mentioned in despatches for going the extra mile, service with a smile, nothing is too much trouble. We do occasionally drop the ball, along with the industry greats out there. We don’t meet expectations or step in quickly enough to sort something out but it’s never because we can’t be bothered and never because we don’t care.

This brings me to TripAdvisor. We have had a wonderful record and so speak from a position of strength; out of our 165 hotel reviews 160 of them are very good or excellent. I personally respond to them all. People in the industry have mixed opinions about it and seem to be divided into two sorts, those who ignore it and never reply and those who reply to everything. Of course, everyone loves a good review and constructive comments are just that, and we respond accordingly, but what do you do with the negative review? Everyone has them and I am certain that on occasion everyone has deserved it; no one is perfect. The only answer in that case is to put your hands up, admit you stuffed up, apologise and try to do better. We would rather do it in person, to be given the chance to make amends, but some people find it hard to do it face to face and that is understandable. But reviewers should understand that unreasonable, inaccurate or rude reviews will receive a very robust response. Just saying…

It’s human nature to focus on the disappointing but, ahead of our very special award, I am not going to do that; it’s time to celebrate.

Here are some of our most recent quotes taken from a mixture of review and social media sites:

  • The most pleasant ‘staff’ I have ever had the pleasure of looking after me! They really are like a family and nothing is too difficult or awkward for them to help with. The bedroom was perfect with lovely touches. Immaculate cleanliness and the world’s most comfortable bed. Food was fantastic.
  • We have had two wonderful days staying at Pale Hall, we arrived to a fabulous welcome, suitcases removed from the car, valet parking too. A glass of fizz to welcome you, a tour of the house, taken to your room, this place is something else, the house is stunning with beautiful pieces of artwork and furniture, the decor is impeccable, the ceilings are amazing.
  • What an absolutely delightful ‘find’…..we merely popped in for morning coffee and found ourselves in a wonderland! The decor is quite simply, stunning. The new owners have exquisite taste and the staff are so proud to be part of this wonderful setting and their enthusiasm to please their visitors oozes.
  • Like stepping back in time and living in a stately home. Their aim is to make sure you don’t have to lift a finger.
  • Phenomenal! Picturesque! Faultless! Top drawer! Food was superb and the attention to detail and the menu was immense…the food is way ahead of what awards the restaurant has so far and the service as well was attentive and not overbearing in the slightest, an excellent dining experience. As for the hotel the welcome was James Bond like and the room was beautiful…we couldn’t have faulted a single thing! Most of all I really want to thank all of the staff at Palé for making my Wife’s 30th an occasion to definitely remember forever!!

Have a lovely weekend – next week is a biggie.


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