When the training pays off

First response to medical emergency makes the difference

When the training pays off

Palé Hall General Manager Debbie Cappadona
Palé Hall Hotel back office

Prompt action from our GM Debbie is credited with saving someone’s life in a recent medical emergency at the hotel.

July 19th 2019

At Palé Hall we are obliged to have a certain number of staff who are first aid trained. It is, of course, so much more than an obligation. In the three years we have been open we have had a number of guests taken ill and it’s important that we know how to begin care for them whilst waiting for the experts to arrive. Training is all well and good, but none of us know how we would react in a real crisis until it happens.

Earlier this week a regular and much-loved guest collapsed in the garden. It rapidly became apparent that the situation was serious, and our GM Debbie went to assist, defibrillator in hand. The emergency operator talked her through the checks to make and it became clear that our guest’s heart had stopped. Debbie performed CPR, managing to re-start the heart on the 8th compression.

Palé is in a very rural area, a good 40 minutes from the nearest hospital. Despite this, the first responder and an ambulance were on site within 7 minutes of the call. This is an astonishingly good service for which we are all very grateful. The ambulance drivers and the paramedic were very clear that proper care in the first few seconds can make all the difference. They were also very clear that Debbie saved a life that day.
We will be training a further cohort of first aiders in the very near future. Locals please note that we have a defibrillator at Palé.

Our guest is being monitored in hospital but is doing well.

Well done Debbie, we are so grateful to you and very proud.

Have a lovely weekend and please consider having some first aid training, you just never know when you may need it.


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